An app to define the next generation of vacation souvenirs.

Top 15 out of 500 projects for the Adobe x Airbnb Creative Jam 2020


Collaborator: Galaxia Wu, Andrew Leber


Airbnb lets travellers create beautiful trips, and we let them turn those fleeting moments into lasting memories, just like bringing a seashell home from the beach.
Our users create trips, add their co-travellers, link their Airbnb account to load Stays and Experiences, and then upload their photos, videos, text files, or audio snippets throughout their trip. All of this media is stored in the shared Trip, which travellers can then like and comment on. By trip’s end, there will be a robust tapestry of moments and experiences for everyone to reflect upon and share to whomever they choose. In addition to the final album, travellers will also receive accolades depending on their contributions — one traveler might get “Shutterbug” for taking the most photos, while another could get “Foodie” for linking the most restaurants. Using the power of traveller collaboration, we’ve created the next generation of souvenirs.



The prompt was the empower families and groups of friends who travel together in a collaborative way to document, organize, and share their travel experiences and stays to the larger Airbnb community. There were many times where we simply do not remember the trips we went on, or what pictures were taken there by people on the trip with you. Sharing a Google Drive for trip pictures isn't enough, because many people want to know exactly where they went and document their experiences in words as well. Therefore, we wanted to focus on making the experience more interactive and engaging for friends and families when they go on trips. Therefore, we came up with the idea of a social-media where people can share their photos and thoughts while checking in to Airbnb locations and experiences. 



We decided on something akin to social media, but having separate feeds for each trip. Each trip feed has a number of people who are on the trip that is able to post content, view, comment and heart things that others are posting. We integrated Airbnb locations and experiences to the system so that users can get the details to each event and housing without needing another user to explain it. Only those who are on the trip can post, but anybody part of the user's friends & family list can view their trips. 

When the trip is done, users are able to look back on each feed and highlights from that trip. Highlights are determined with the most likes and engagement, but also titles are given out to those on the trip for doing different things. For example, the one who shared the most pictures would get the Shutterbug title.



We loved our idea and had fun with it, even though our team only had under 3 days to put everything together, all working remotely. We weren't expecting anything so we were super surprised when we got a honorable mention as the top 15 projects! Seashells made me realize how to work effectively and smartly in 3 days as we all delegated tasks to ourselves without being told to while keeping our tight school schedule. 

You can check out the full project here!

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